Horowitz wins Sarasota Viper Winter Series

The Sarasota Viper Winter Series 2015-16 started on 12th December with twenty-three teams contending in the 8-race event, the 1st of 3 that would take place in Sarasota, FL. The first day of the Winter Series began with sunny skies, 80-degree weather as well as 8-10 knots of breeze from the east, with a lot of shifts to see squads go from zero to hero and the return again.

After one desolated start, Danny Pletsch and his crew took the 1st bullet in a race which saw participants able to work both parts of the course as the breeze sank in.

The remaining races of the day experienced a peak in the breeze in the low teens with a few full hiking moments, as well as a few rides downhill. Zeke Horowitz won the 2nd add the 3rd race, Danny Pletsch took the final race to end the day in the lead with 7 points, with Zeke having 9 points and Peter Beardsley with 10 points. The fleet’s balance had some great racing with a lot of benefits and losses in the up and down breeze.

The second day started with a 10 am start sequence along with a breeze in 10-12 knot range from north-east. Danny Pletsch emerged of the blocks quick again and took race one. By the 2nd race, the air was on and the crews checked on rig tautness as the conditions took its “max fun” mode. Zeke and crew had a day adding only 7 points to their score.