Sailing in Desert with the Rise of the River

If you are an enthusiastic boater, you will know that a lake without water is just like a pub without beer. Quite surprisingly, Lake Eyre Yacht Club’s members are used to this kind of dry spells. At times, it might turn two years in between their outings but there isn’t anything like the strong flood of north Queensland to put wind to the dusty sails.

In Marree, the outback town, the yacht club has a headquarter. Here, the ice cold tinnies are opened up and huge floating tinnies are put into action for toasting the swelling rivers in the thirsty desert of South Australia.
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Couple Accused Of Yacht Theft Of ‘Spiritual Lifestyle Experience’

A pair of accused of stealing a yacht from a Scottish harbor has appeared in court to refuse the charge. Richard Gould and Vivienne Duke told a court that they were on a spiritual lifestyle experience. Prosecutors claim the couple stole the boat from the Arbroath marina on Saturday and spent more than 40 hours at Osprey – in the North Sea.

They were arrested Monday and earlier appeared at the Forfar Sheriff Court. Defense Attorney Billy Rennie, representing both, said the case had an “unusual” background. He told the court that the couple had traveled the last two years from northern England and followed a shamanic lifestyle experience and that they “live with nature”.
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A Fresh Chapter Written In Sailing Rivalry In Burton-Wearn

Besides playing second fiddle to Olympic Laser Champion (OLC) the Australian sailor Tom Burton, who is now 22-years, believes that for him time is nearing to prove he has all the capability to close out regattas.

In sailing the element is fate will always be there dictated by the weather, as scene was on the fourth Day at Sail Melbourne when rough seas and powerful winds spelt a premature end to Olympic class competition (PCC), which left Wearn just a point behind gold medalist Burton.
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Winner Of 2018 Young Sailor Of The Year Award

This is one award category that is highlighted every year whereby new and upcoming talent is awarded. This year Fastnet helmsman 2018 Young Sailor of the Year award has been won by a seventeen year old.

Being a Haringey schoolboy, Montel Fagan-Jordan won the YJA Young Sailor of the Year award. This seventeen year old was selected among other outstanding sailors of the teen category. He took part in the Fastnet, which was organized by Greig City Academy on a vintage yacht Scaramouche. This trophy had several contestants and has seen several celebrity sailors like Hannah Mills and Ben Ainslie having come up with winning this award in the past. Those who manage the Greig Academy state that many are aware of the project and how students in the project are committed to learn more in the arena of competitive sailing.

Those who were nominated for the award have all worked hard to deserve the trophy. However, this year the 17 year old lad has been able to charm the sponsors, has sailed three thousand miles and more such as doing masses at school for helping towards Project Scaramouche. Hence, the award was given to him for the effort and commitment he had put in. Greig Academy sailing program has had project Scaramouche on in the borough of Haringey. The academy sponsors several pupils who come of varied communities and background. About 73 percent of the pupils who are sponsored by the program are of the disadvantaged category. The sailing program focuses on teaching pupils not only as a one off experience, but also to help them develop their sailing skills. Hence, the award program is more than a mere recognition of talent in young sailors, but commits in developing sailing skills in schoolchildren.