US Authorities Pen Letter To Non Winners

Not everyone is a winner at the Olympics, but there are many who spend months and years preparing for the same, qualifying for the different events. Indeed, there is much focus on the winners as those who lose their opportunities are left behind in the shadows.

For them, however, it is necessary to know and remember some aspects of participating in an epic event like Olympics. It is true that being at the venue you would be awed by the halo of the five rings that represent the Olympic circus and the winners who have walked on the podiums and claimed their position and fame.

Even though it might be tough to hang around such participants later and feel like a second class citizen, that is a feeling that is only for those specific days and hours. Once you have come back to your own world you will realize how far you have gone and the feats that you have achieved, pushing yourself to be part of the Olympics event, being there and putting in all your effort and concentration for a possible win. Such aspects make every participant unique and incredible and society will always honor what you have strived to achieve.

There would be many who would start preparing for the next Olympics again, 2020. Many will feel that they have unfinished business and they need to get down to training again, possibly with a break and a week where they can rent a yacht in Croatia after all the hard work and effort that has gone in the preparations and events in the past few months.

Many might want to put their focus to other things, deciding that the four years they had put in was too big a sacrifice and a path that is best travelled once. No matter what you decide, being part of the Olympics is an achievement by oneself and one should bask in the glory.