Gulf Of Mexico Race

A native of Clark Lake was successful in clinching a deal in the sailing race that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.

Being a native of Texas, he was successful in winning the contest that involved sailing about 150 miles by the Texas coast by the Gulf of Mexico. For John Barnett, who is 66 years of age, it was no small feat as he reached a pinnacle of his achievements. Having moved here about ten years back, he now regularly competes in different sailing contests. However, this was his first win in the Harvest Moon Regatta, which was a race that started from Galveston and ended at Port Aransas.

Barnett was excited about competing in a race that has people participating from different parts of the world. The race had a lot of excitement as people surfed all night and the waves had people screaming in their boats. The race has been on for 29 years.

The competition was won by Barnett in a time span of 4 minutes and 32 seconds. His boat is a 35 footer called Vici. Barnett felt elated about the fact that his boat was the smallest but even then it won. With other boats being bigger on the waters and there being a total of 145 boats, he found it a miracle that he could clinch a win. With the waters being unruly there were several mishaps that occurred. For instance, there was a boat that sank while others were led astray. Some boats were put back on the beach by the waves. The winds were at 52 miles per hour, which has been a trend in these waters for a few years now. The boat preparation was important for the race and that is where Barnett feels that he scored high and was able to be successful.